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What customers are saying about some of our trusted companies!

From Stephanie from First Impressions, May 14, 2013,
Just wanted to let you know that we finally got a chance to stop by and check out the finished work and it looks EXCELLENT. Thank you so much.
Thanks again!

From Kristy O from Halo Construction, March 29, 2013,
I just wanted to say that Ashley has exceeded my expectations on the look of our website!! She has done a fabulous job and has been wonderful to work with. I have worried her to death on little things that I wanted to be modified and big things.
Looks Great Ashley!!
Snehta needs to know that we are VERY SATISFIED with your work.
Halo Construction Snehta Profile

From Bill B. from Houston Painter. March 25, 2013,
I’ve been a Snehta client since December 2012 and am loving the customer service so far. I’ve gotten 25-30 calls off of my site this month. In the past 2 weeks, I’ve had customers who weren’t word of mouth- they simply found my website because it appeared in search results. I am booked now, until the end of May and will begin taking jobs on again in June, I’m simply just too busy and I love it! I am currently working 7 days a week and hiring a new crew because I need help keeping up with all the new work. I would absolutely recommend Snehta services; they make me look much more professional, with just having a website. I’d say Snehta services gets a 5-star rating and I’m really happy with how reasonable the prices are and how easy Snehta is to work with. I am definitely going try the new products Snehta offers because of how well everything is going, I just have to find time to get all of this work in.
Houston Painter Snehta Profile

From Mike S. from AAA-1 Enterprises Inc. March 18, 2013,
Want to say thanks for the wonderful job on the web site. It looks GREAT. Thanks Mike S.
AAA-1 Enterprises Inc.

From Chris from A&C Lawn Care January 30, 2013,
Snehta put great effort into defining the process of launching a new site and without that we likely would not have finished on time or on budget. Thanks to their roadmap, we were able to do both!
Hoky Snehta Profile

From Andy from Hoky January 30, 2013,
I don’t think it’s a stretch to say Snehta has set a new precedent for small business website design. We couldn’t be happier with our new website. Snehta has hit this one out of the park!
A&C Lawn Care Snehta Profile

From Brian E. from Evans Construction Company January 15, 2013:
Thank you so much for your friendship and all the hard work you did to help my business succeed. I look forward to working with you.

From Liz B. from Liz Cleaning Service December 17, 2012:
The website looks great! Its so professional looking now. Y’all did a great job! Thanks for changing it!
Liz Cleaning Service

From Melissa from Trans-Tech Transmission November 12, 2012:
Thank you all you your help, your company has been the first to follow thru for us when it comes to our website. Thank you again and we look forward to continuing our buisness with you.
Trans-Tech Transmissions

From Mick B. from Blankenship’s Universal Supply November 2, 2012:
I had very little experience with websites and a vague idea of what I wanted in a website for my company. Snehta was able to interpret and implement the specs I gave, then fill in the gaps with their experienced design team. The process was quick, painless, and affordable; and the site looks better than I imagined. Their prompt responses to my updates and changes have kept me content with my choice of depending on Snehta.
– Mick B.
Blankenship’s Universal Supply

From Francesca F. from Ferro Productions October 2, 2012:
I absolutely love speaking with the Customer Service Reps from Snehta. They are always looking out for us.
-Francesca Ferro

From DJ Freddy B October 1, 2012:
Chelsea at Snehta is a friend of mine who created my Business Web site. She is very inovative, creative, personal and honest. The team at Snehta knew right from the start what was best for my Business needs and implemented these ideas with great results. I would recommend the whole Snehta team for web development, customer service and fast results at affordable rates.
Freddy B
DJ Freddy B Profile

From Jennifer P. with JP Jewelry and Accessories September 5, 2012:
I have seen my website and I truly love it. You all are so creative. I have several pieces of jewelry made that I am currently about to send pictures of. They will fit well in this website.The wording of each page is really good. I have a good feeling that my jewelry is really going to sell well. I am preparing to meet with my photographer to get the pictures to complete my website. Thank you in advance for all the creative talents in this website.
JP’s Angelic Jewelry

From Barbara B. with Pets for Vets Georgia Chapter August 31, 2012:
Thanks so much for sending over the information regarding the social media. Very informative. We need to discuss further and I will get back to you. We will definitely be needing other services provided by snehta as our organization grows.
You can see the Pets for Vets profile here: Pets for Vets

From Macy U. with iHenna August 23, 2012:
I work all the time on an extremely tight budget. When Chelsea called, it seemed almost too good to be true! The prices were right, the customer service was unparalleled, and it was an opportunity I just couldn’t pass up. Services being month-to-month with no strings attached is what sealed the deal for me. Thanks so much Snehta team.
Looking forward,
Macy U.

From Gale with Unique Dry Cleaners August 21, 2012:
I’m impressed at the ease in which it takes to sign up with Snehta. They make everything so simple and get the job done fast! I am extremely happy with my decision.
Unique Dry Cleaners Profile

From Angela Danielson, August 17, 2012:
I am so excited to start this process with Snehta. You’ve been extremely helpful in answering all my questions. I look forward to working with you guys. Let me know what the next steps will be.
Paul Danielson’s Profile

From Dora Stratton, August 10, 2012:
It is a pleasure working with you and Gila. I like the fact should I have a problem or need assistance you and your company will be there. Terry spoke with Gila this morning and was very impressed with her. They are working on a plan for his website. We look forward to meeting you and your team.
Dora Stratton

From Barbara, August 11, 2012
Hey Laura,
Thanks for passing the info along to Courtney. We both agree this is a good opportunity to improve advertising. We do want, however, to do a little tweeking to the website before. We should be ready in a few days.
Thanks Laura!
Best regards,

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