Snehta Celebrates 1000th Customer


Snehta Hits Milestone with 1000th Customer Win

Fernbank Museum, Atlanta, GA – Today, Snehta announces its surpassing the 1000th-customer mark. The company has reached this goal in less than 9 months. This explosive growth rate has further strengthened Snehta’s position in becoming a leader in the industry. Snehta’s products are focused on the success of the small business owner in mind. Snehta’s platform is built for small businesses, within the Home Services category, and is unique to this segment “The success of the small business owner is the foundation of getting America back on her feet. With over 97% of consumers searching online, the small businesses need a ‘friend’ they can turn to in order to compete with the larger, more established brands.” – Bill Mahoney, VP of Operations.


What Employees Are Saying about Reaching this Goal

“After being here for 9 months, and seeing how we have grown since my start, it is truly incredible to see that in such a short amount of time we have eclipsed 1000 customers!  I don’t think it will be very long until we see our 5000th customer come on board!”

– Alex Neale,  Media Consultant 

“With the hard work and dedication from a wealth of talent that we have here, Snehta’s future is very bright. The 1000th customer is simply one of many milestones that this company will continue to achieve in the future. “

-Andrew Hanselman,  Media Consultant 

“Reaching this goal was a milestone for me because it shows that our products are performing to expectations. Any company can promise results off of their products, but it’s delivering on those promises that keeps the business. In my mind, it was our promises that got us to 1000 customers sold, and our follow through that brought us to 1000 customers live.”

– Chelsea Friez, Senior Media Consultant

“There is no doubt that reaching the 1000th Customer milestone is a grand accomplishment, but I’m definitely more excited to see what else Snehta has in place as we are becoming a lead competitor and changing the way small businesses are doing business.”

Jayme Danielson, Marketing & Business Development Coordinator 

Reaching 1000 customers is a huge milestone! This achievement, in such a short time, proves the value of our product and our relationship with our customers. Snehta is well on it’s way to becoming a powerhouse in the web solutions and home services industry.

Jordan Dillard, Sales Manager 

“Our achievement of crossing the 1000 mark is a huge reason to celebrate the home service professionals we are so fortunate to positively affect every day.  And, it wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for the incredible team of sales, operations, and technology resources here at Snehta whose level of insight into this sector positions us to be the leader in online marketing, and we will continue to change the ability for local businesses to connect with local consumers in a direct and successful way.”

Mindy Hargesheimer, VP of Sales 

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