Snehta Attending the Dallas Build Expo 2014

Dallas Build Expo 2014

Dallas Build Expo 2014


Snehta Attending the Dallas Build Expo 2014

By Kimberly Martin on 24 January 2014

Atlanta — Coming up soon on February 12th and 13th is a unique opportunity for the building and construction industries to come together for a trade show at the Dallas Build Expo 2014 and meet one another, meet customers, and learn new tips and tools of the trade. The Build Expo, one of the top business trade shows in the nation, is stopping by Dallas this year to provide industries the opportunity to exhibit their business. A huge show with over 100 exhibitors, the Dallas Build Expo is going to have a wide variety of business owners to see and activities to participate in.

Seminars at the Dallas Build Expo are all presented by experts in the industry and are all complimentary to anyone who attends the show—a rare perk in this kind of expo. These seminars—the Dallas Build Expo will have over 30—cover all kinds of topics that anyone with a business in the industry would be interested in, such as: sales, eco-friendly construction, new construction technology, law, and much more. This year Snehta will be present at the Expo and will even be offering a seminar concerning building up one’s brand online. We are eager to see you partaking in this seminar led by Farhan Yasin, Snehta’s co-founder and CEO.

The Build Expo has invited every building and construction association around to be present at the Dallas Build Expo this year. Chapters of every association were invited, including The Associated General Contractors of America, The American Institute of Architects, the U.S. Green Building Council, the American Subcontractors Association, and many more. All chapters will have a booth at the expo that attendees can visit at their leisure.

At the Dallas Build Expo there will also be a Mayoral Proclamation Ceremony, during which the top 25 industry firms at the Expo will be recognized by the city for their impact on the industry. There will be over 200 executives attending this ceremony, making it an excellent opportunity for business recognition.

The Dallas Build Expo will be held February 12th and 13th this year at the Dallas Convention Center in Dallas, Texas. Snehta’s Farhan Yasin will be presenting his seminar, Building Your Brand Online, both days from 9:30am-11:00am. We invite you to join Snehta at the Dallas Build Expo 2014 to build relationships and connections with others in the building and construction industries. Please visit us and learn more about the industry or Snehta itself if you attend!

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