15 Modern Shower Designs to Inspire Homeowners

By Melody Boggs on 14 February 2014

Atlanta–Remodeling your bathroom, finding inspiration can be difficult. Settling on a starting point can seem even more daunting. If you live in an older home especially, modern trends, styles, and functionality improvements can be lost on you unless you search for them. Showers especially have changed vastly from their humble beginnings, and they serve as a good base around which you can remodel your entire bathroom. We’ve found 15 of the most unique designs for showers–both inside and outside–to inspire you. And don’t worry: with the right skills, tools, vision–and sometimes the right contractor–these designs are possible for your home, thankfully without the million-dollar budget.

1. Skylight Shower



Take advantage of your awkward spaces and install a skylight to give your shower access to natural light or a beautiful view of the stars. If you’re thinking of re-assigning your attic space, this particular bathroom design works extremely well with sloping ceilings. The aquamarine tile contrasts the lighter tile throughout the rest of the bathroom, immediately drawing one’s eye to the room’s focus: the shower and its skylight.

2. Curved-Wall Shower


The factor that immediately makes itself known with this shower is its style. The curved wall with its shimmering glass tiles instantly draws the eye, and light enters the interior by the glass panel in the center of the wall. Darker, earthy tiles line the shower’s floor and walls, complimenting the lighter ones in the rest of the bathroom. Though they are not pictured, a bench and a handheld shower head come equipped with this shower, making it accessible to a large variety of people.

3. Limestone-Wall Shower


Inviting limestone walls complementing bronze fixtures add instant class and sophistication to any bathroom while also turning a basic shower design into something notable and stunning. When stepping into a shower like this, it isn’t hard to imagine oneself bathing in an Italian villa. Moreover, the archway combined with the scroll tiles offer one a glimpse into the Greco-Roman period of the world–with indoor plumbing as an obvious misplacement, of course.

4. Shower with Quartzite, Illuminated Shower Head, and Bench


This impressive shower has its ceiling, walls, and bench made out of Breccia Montana Quartzite with Moda Mosaic Machiato tile constituting the shower’s floor. Users have the option of having the water descend directly from the ceiling or from the handheld shower head. The wide glass door allows for greater accessibility than typical showers, making it user-friendly to most people.

5. Shower with a View


It’s always a shame to waste a view, so why not try to incorporate it when you’re also going for total relaxation in the shower? Naturally, the last thing anyone wants is for someone to come along and peep in while you’re taking a shower, which is why we recommend this design for your mountain retreat. Once you find that perfect, secluded space, install this bathroom design to take the most breathtaking showers or to simply lounge on the bench with the shower’s spa-like atmosphere.

6. Contemporary Mosaic Shower


Truly an artist’s dream, this blue mosaic-tiled shower promises luxury as well as adaptability. Equipped with not one but three shower heads, the shower allows its users to have plenty of options. Either take a shower alone using the center shower head, or choose your side and share the shower with someone else.

7. High-Tech Shower


Is this the shower of the future? Maybe. Aside from looking like a decontamination chamber for those unfortunate enough to have contact with creatures on an alien planet, this shower’s appeal comes from its lounging seat. Of course, you could always stand for your shower, but with the long-reaching, handheld shower head that comes equipped with this shower, you don’t have to. Simply lay back and indulge.

8. Stone Spa/Shower

stone bathroom


A personal favorite, this stone design is one that not only defines the shower but also incorporates the entire bathroom. As a result, the room acts as both a shower room and a spa. The wooden beams, ceiling, and ladder also contribute to the room’s rustic look, transporting the user back to a simpler–but still refined–time. No matter the look of your home, this design would be one that stands out and increases your home’s value.

9. Moroccan Outdoor Shower



Sometimes it’s hard for designers to make outdoor showers appear interesting, but this Moroccan-inspired shower has no such problems. Since the design is also melded into the home, it adds an interesting look to the home as both a shower and a hardscape. The handheld shower head makes it easy to rinse off any part of your body, whether you’ve merely taken a dip in the nearby lake or wiped out on the waves of the ocean.

10. Stained-Glass Shower



One feels almost holy entering a shower like this. The Onion dome on the arch combined with the beautifully-crafted stained glass is reminiscent of Byzantine or Russian Orthodox churches. The shower also seems to take advantage of wasted space, perhaps inhabiting where a storage closet once was. Moreover, the doors appear reinforced with glass so as to prevent water damage on the wood. One thing’s for sure: spending any time in a shower like this will be a serene experience.

11. Natural Stone Outdoor Shower



Not much beats the look and durability of natural stone, and using it to craft an outdoor shower seems like a no-brainer. This particular shower presents a beautiful view of the sky while also offering a great deal of privacy should your tastes run in the au naturale flavor. If you’re throwing a pool party and everyone needs to run inside for pizza, at least two people can use this shower at once to rinse off with its two shower heads. Now that’s efficiency made with a great design choice.

12. Modern Two-Person Shower



For a two-person shower that connects to your master bedroom, this modern shower combines both privacy and intimacy thanks to its gorgeous stone dividing wall. Its back wall consists of real brick that has been sealed to avoid the typical disasters that befall brick walls and showers. These features combined with the hardwood floors and the overall lightness in the room emphasize the shower’s own unique design.

13. Multidirectional Shower



Alright, we admit it. Multi-directional showers like these are probably too expensive for most people to afford (not to mention that they draw waves of negative criticism from energy and water conservationists). In spite of these factors, there’s a certain coolness factor that comes with these showers. For instance, the wall designs for both are markably different, with the left shower being brighter and more open than the right shower, proving that there’s obviously more than one way to design this shower to your tastes. Both still feature the 20 water fixtures–including the one sending water up from the floor–that make these showers so interesting. If nothing else, the user would probably feel thoroughly clean in five minutes or less. Any longer would just be indulgence.

14. Corner Shower


Sometimes, people don’t have enough space in their bathrooms to accommodate a larger shower, but that doesn’t mean homeowners have to just settle with a corner shower. Make that shower your own just like the Texas owners of this corner shower did. The warm porcelain tiles combined with the archway entrance bring a sense of artistry that really makes this corner shower stand out from all the others.

15. Luxury Shower with Florescent Lights


Though seeming simple at first, this ultra-thin shower from Signorini Design is anything but. In addition to the walls, the shower head also comes thin and can be applied to the ceiling or to the wall, depending on your preference. The small nozzles on the shower head rain down not only water but also different colored lights. Choose from blue (as pictured above), red, yellow, and green, and allow all your cares to be washed away onto the stylish mosaic tile. We’ve managed to find 15 of the most unique modern showers out there today, but there are countless more out there. Share with us your favorite design, and let us know which of these 15 is your favorite today!

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