The Easy Organized Kitchen

The Organized Kitchen!

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The Easy Organized Kitchen

By Kimberly Martin on 21 February 2014

Atlanta — Though it’s still chilly outside, Spring Cleaning season will be upon us soon enough. It’s time to start collecting cleaning supplies and planning your best “tidying up” strategies, which can be difficult without a little inspiration here and there. One of the messiest, most cluttered areas in a home (besides your teenager’s nightmarish bedroom) is perhaps the most important: the kitchen. With dozens of pots, pans, spices, condiments, food, and more, your kitchen might be bursting at the seams. Those cabinets can only withstand a few more attempts to shove a pot between two large pans before they finally give way and explode. While we can’t be there to help you clean out your kitchen and reorganize, we can help! Snehta has gathered together a few crafty, do-it-yourself projects to better organize your kitchen with many items you already have at home or can buy for almost nothing.

Storage Container Lid Rack

Some drawers and cabinets are littered with dozens of lids to your storage containers–and heaven help you if you are looking for a specific one. It can take you an painfully long time to find the one lid that matches the container you just put your dinner leftovers in. However, a CD storage rack or a baking cooling rack can help you organize those lids for easier storage and retrieval! Either slide it into the corner of a drawer or place it on the bottom of a cabinet beside the containers themselves and line them up by container size or shape. You’ll find that it’s much easier to pop a lid on top of a container every time.

Tupperware Lid Rack

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Tupperware Lid Rack

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Getting Creative with Tension Rods: 3 Uses

Tension rods are certain to become your friend when trying to organize under-the-sink space. Dozens of cleaning bottles that litter the bottom of the cabinet can be suspended on a tension rod placed high up in the cabinet to free up that space on the floor of the cabinet for other things like your dish drying rack.

Tension Rod - Cleaning

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Another similar use for tension rods is for storing pots and pans. Sometimes your cabinets are a mess of pots and pans piled on top of one another, and retrieving one pot requires taking out and moving around all the others. However, a tension rod hung up in the cabinet and some simple S-shaped hooks can make organized pot and pan storage a breeze. You’ll be able to spot the one you need much quicker and retrieve it out without starting a small earthquake as others are moved around and fall to the floor around you.

Tension Rod - Pots

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Lastly, another use for tension rods when organizing your kitchen involves placing them vertically. By creating slots with the rods you can slide all of your pans, baking dishes, or cookie sheets between them and line them up in an orderly fashion, rather than tossing them on top of one another in a drawer or in a cabinet by the oven. Cut down on the clatter and clang as you search for the right pan.

Tension Rod - Vertical Storage

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Spice Rack: Storage and Functionality

For the passionate chef, spices are a must–which sometimes means packing a section of your countertop space tightly with bottles and cans of varying spices, rubs, and salts. These can create a serious space issue when dozens of them clutter up a space, so a spice rack can really help. Some people are satisfied with a small rotating spice rack, which may be all that you need. But for those of us with more spices than we have fingers and toes, there is no rotating spice rack large enough. When that happens, get a little creative! There are several ways to make a spice rack to save space, and the most popular ones involve utilizing the door of a pantry. Whether you are making a typical shelving rack for the door or maybe you want to get especially crafty and make a magnetic rack, spice racks will certainly free up a lot of space in your kitchen.

Spice Rack

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Magnetic Spice Rack

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Command Hooks Are Lifesavers with Many Uses

Everyone thinks of Command Hooks as the college kid’s way to hang things in a dorm, or as the picture-hanging solution that doesn’t require making holes in the wall. However, when you think outside of the box, Command Hooks have a variety of other uses for your kitchen organization solution! One of the easiest uses is storing measuring cups/spoons. Instead of sifting through a drawer looking for the 1/2 tablespoon spoon you need, apply some small Command Hooks to the inside of a cabinet door and line them all up in a row for easy access. Creating your own labels and a measuring chart to hang above or near it might be useful, too!

Command Hooks - Measuring

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Futhermore, hanging a spoon or cup on a Command Hook applied to the outside of a container makes it easier to scoop out what you need for your recipes without taking the time to hunt down an appropriate utensil.

Command Hooks - Containers

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And lastly, another inventive use for Command Hooks is for storing pot lids. We gave you some tips for storing pots and pans, but what about that pile of lids for them? Clean those up by applying some Command Hooks to the cabinet door or cabinet walls to create easy slots for storing and retrieving the lids with minimal trouble.

Command Hooks - Lids


Hanging Dispenser for Foil, Bags, and More

Boxes with aluminum foil, plastic wrap, trash bags, parchment paper, and more can really take up a lot of unnecessary space in a drawer. Rather than shoving them all side by side in a drawer, create a hanging dispenser on a wall or inside a cabinet door. Not only will this clean up the space a bit, but it will make accessing and using these items much simpler.

Cabinet Rolls

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Shoe Organizer Turned Food Storage

Lastly on our list of kitchen organization tips we have an easier way to store snacks, condiments, small boxed foods, and more. Rather than cramming it all onto the shelves of your pantry, use a door-hanging shoe organizer to store snacks and more, so your shelves are free for the more important, large items. You can organize the items in any way you like–color, condiment type, snack brand, and more. A simple solution with a lot of benefits!

Shoe Organizer Food Storage

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Shoe Organizer Food Storage Zoom

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Hopefully these tips got the creative juices flowing and you’re pumped to organize your kitchen and even the rest of your home. The first day of Spring is March 20th this year, so put on your rubber gloves and get ready to clean! And remember, if your organization and cleaning job is too big to handle, a local cleaning professional can always give you a hand.

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