Snehta Works with Habitat for Humanity


Snehta Works with Habitat for Humanity

By Kimberly Martin on 7 March 2014

Atlanta — This week we’d like to tell you about Snehta’s volunteer project–working with Habitat for Humanity to help finish building a home! Clark Howard, a broadcaster for Atlanta’s WSB-TV, hosts an annual event with Habitat for Humanity to help build homes for those in need that anyone can volunteer to join in on—and this year, Snehta took part. Working with Habitat for Humanity is guaranteed to be a life-changing experience not only for those who receive a finished home, but also for the volunteers themselves. While quite a few of Snehta’s employees including Brad Bowden and Clay Failor worked on the project, three of them—Aysha LaBon, Kelly Masters, and Sean Travers—decided to share their experiences and express how helping others not only gave them a sense of accomplishment, but also changed the way they see the world and their work with Snehta.



Habitat for Humanity was great! We painted, cleaned, and even did some landscaping. It was nice to meet such helpful people while also getting Snehta’s name out there. It was a wonderful way to spend a Saturday!

-Aysha LaBon



One of the best parts about being involved with Habitat is interacting with everyone involved. Not only meeting the people who we are building a home for but also the volunteers who devote an entire day to help someone less fortunate. You can’t help but feel great about what you are doing.

Getting down and dirty into the shoes of our customers was interesting. It is funny because I sit here and hound these guys all day on the phone while they’re out doing some serious physical labor and I never really think about what is happening on the other end of the phone.

-Kelly Masters



My experience with Habitat for Humanity was an eye-opening experience. It was great to see over 90 volunteers come out to help finish building six homes. We spent the day landscaping, painting, roofing, and completing carpentry for the home. The best part of my day was meeting a young 8-year-old girl. It was her birthday, and instead of having a party for herself, she invited her friends and family to help out those less fortunate. It was truly inspiring. I highly encourage everyone to take some time out of their schedule to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity. I can’t wait for another opportunity for Snehta Inc. to volunteer!

-Sean Travers


There’s nothing quite like stepping into the shoes of some of the people you hire or work with every day to give you a different perspective on the world. Snehta’s employees learned the value of the contractors we converse with on a daily basis, and others around them were able to respect the work of said contractors. Clark Howard’s Habitat for Humanity event is an annual event, so next year, why don’t you give it a try or donate to the cause? You never know what you might experience! Or if you simply need some work done on your own home—sorry, Snehta’s employees are back at work! But you are sure to find a local, trusted contractor through Snehta who would be happy to help you with your latest project in our place.

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