5 Summer Home Improvement Projects

5 Summer Home Improvement Projects

By Kimberly Martin on 16 May 2014

Now that the chill of a long spring is finally wearing off and the rain showers are few and far between, homeowners have the chance to do some home improvement work in the warm sun. Many use this time to start a construction project like building a fire pit, constructing a pergola on the deck, or even installing large features like a pool. All of these are excellent choices, of course, and will give your home added beautiful qualities. However, it’s also useful to take advantage of the sunny weather and warm skies to do some “facelift” projects on your home as well—projects that won’t involve building anything new, but will clean up your home and protect it against the rest of the year’s weather and other difficulties. While there’s a long list of projects you can tackle, we’ve listed five quick ones here to get you started.

1. Install storm doors. These have a similar appearance to screen doors, but storm doors are typically thick and sturdy with strong glass instead of screens. Though the light spring showers have faded away, much of the time rainy weather in the summer will bring thunderstorms with it. Any rain coupled with the hot temperatures creates stifling humidity that you don’t want seeping into your home. By installing storm doors, you not only protect your main doors from the weather, but also better insulate your home and keep out that sticky humidity. Storm doors come in a variety of styles, so do not hesitate to add them to your home. Besides—if you want to open your main doors on a nice day and let the sun shine in through the glass, your home will benefit from that natural light.

2. Caulk your home exterior. Caulking around any possible cracks further protects your home from the elements and keeps it well-sealed, which may greatly lower your energy bills. Caulk around your windows and doors first, as these are the most common areas on a home’s exterior to suffer from cracks. Afterward, tackle any other possible areas such as around vents or grates. If your home has a wooden exterior, you can also caulk between wooden slats that are separating.

3. Paint a room indoors. This project not only updates your home, but gives you a break from the heat outside. Pick a room or two in your home with old or faded paint and either update the current color or pick something fresh and new to liven up the appearance. Ask family or friends to help—they’ll be glad for a project working in the air conditioning. Not only will this clean up the appearance of a room or two, but it will also increase the value of your home.

4. Clean the gutters. Leaves and other debris can clog up your gutters over time and will also leave stains, making your gutters unsightly and embarrassing. This is especially true if you live in an area that suffers from heavy pollination or your home is under many pollinating trees—the yellow stains will drip out of the gutters and down the side. Take the time to clean the mess out of your gutters and scrub off stains that have formed on the visible exterior. You’ll be glad you did, since your gutters will look much nicer and give your entire home a cleaner appearance. Take the time to do this annually during the summer and your gutters will remain relatively clean and fresh for the rest of the year.

5. Clean and seal your deck. This can mean either your backyard deck or your front porch! Scrub off the past year’s stains, dirt, and debris with a stiff brush and quality soap or use a pressure-washer. Afterward, apply a fresh coat of wood sealant to protect your deck surface from rain and next winter’s snow or ice. If your deck was stained instead of sealed, then reapply the stain to give it an updated, “like new” appearance. You’ll be thankful you took the time to do this, as maintaining your deck’s health will extend its life and you can take advantage of it for many years to come.

Sometimes you can’t handle all these projects on your own. You may not be experienced in painting a room, for example, or you don’t own or know how to safely operate a pressure washer to clean your deck. Don’t be surprised if this is the case, since not everyone is a home improvement expert! But do not fear, either, as no matter what project you’d like to take on to update your home, you are sure to find a local, trusted professional who can either assist you or take care of the project in your stead. As long as you show your home some love, it will always be a clean, happy place for you and your family!

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