Window Cleaning Made Easy

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By Melody Boggs on 22 May 2014

Atlanta–Though often neglected, window cleaning can instantly restore your home to looking newer and more radiant. Ideally, homeowners should clean the inside and outside of their windows twice a year, but some people can get away with only doing so once a year. Moreover, every person has their own cleaning method to which they prescribe, but only certain solutions provide the most long-lasting results. Here, we’ll walk you through some tips to get your windows—even multi-pane ones—sparkling clean.

  1. Before you begin, carefully vacuum up any loose dust, dirt, and grime on windowsills and the nooks and crannies on every window.
  2. While materials such as paper towels, newspapers, and spray cleaner exhibit some success when window cleaning, they tend to move dirt around and build up static electricity on the glass. When this happens, the glass will attract even more dust, dirt, and grime. For best results, you should use professional tools such as a squeegee or chamois.
  3. Try to rely more on homemade cleaning solutions than the chemical-laden ones you can buy in the store. Though convenient, store-bought solutions cost more and bring dangerous compounds into your home.
  4. Warm water combined with a dishwashing liquid and/or alcohol or white vinegar work the best on windows. Be sure to go easy on the suds before you begin washing, since they can only complicate the process.

Multi-pane Windows

Some of the most difficult windows to manage and clean are multi-pane windows, but there are more solutions available for you to use than you might think.

  • Believe it or not, you can use a squeegee to clean this type of window. Simply take a regular sized squeegee and cut it down to the size you need it for your panes. Be sure to file the edges you cut so they’re smooth and won’t scratch the glass before you begin.
  • Use a natural, handheld sponge with the same warm water and dishwashing liquid (or whatever substitute you choose) to clean the window. Scrub each pane, starting from the top to the bottom and moving from left to right.
  • After you’re done with the sponge, grab your modified squeegee and go from the top down every pane with one stroke each. Always wipe your squeegee off on a linen napkin or some other lint-free cloth after every stroke to avoid leaving streaks and moving around grime.
  • Lay down a towel on the windowsill to catch any stray water, and use a damp chamois to soak up all the leftover water on the glass. Unlike paper towels or newspapers, the chamois will not leave streaks.

Picture Windows

Larger windows like these are much easier to clean, despite their size, and only require a little modification in their cleaning routine than multi-pane windows.

  • Depending on the size of your picture window, you may be able to use a strip applicator or a full-sized squeegee to clean it. If you use a strip applicator, be sure to use a combination of dishwashing liquid and warm water, since this mixture seems to work the best.
  • When using a squeegee, start at the top left and then move in a reverse-S pattern down the window. (Left-handed individuals will need to start at the top right instead, but the movements are the same.) Do not use the squeegee again until you wipe it off after every stroke.
  • Fortunately, you can use a chamois for picture windows the same way you do for multi-pane windows. Simply make sure it’s damp and wrung-out before you put it to work.
  • As always, remember to lay down a towel on the windowsill to catch runaway water.

Though the process itself can be difficult to get started, the end result to cleaning your windows is well worth it, and unlike most maintenance routines, you only have to do this once or twice a year. However, with how busy life can be, sometimes it’s simply better to let an expert take care of it. Currently, Scientific Home Services is offering a free self-cleaning glass upgrade with no minimum purchase required to every new customer. Visit their website or call for more information. Also, feel free to visit our website to look for more home service professionals in your area to take care of any other home improvement project you may have.

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