Aah! Ugliest Bathrooms

By Kimberly Martin on 10 June 2014

“My bathroom is just so tacky,” you say as you grimace at the old fashioned wallpaper and dated fixtures. “This is so embarrassing,” another mutters as they examine the antiquated vinyl flooring. As ugly as you may think your bathroom is, there are many more around the world still more horrifying than your own. Take heart in this knowledge—you can easily improve your bathroom with a quick remodel, but some of these other bathrooms will require a lot more work before they lose their “blinding eyesore” status! Take a look at these nightmares below.

Pink Heartbeat Disaster

Source: Ugly House Photos

Nothing says “inviting, beautiful space” like a Pepto-Bismol-colored bathtub and tiled walls in the pattern of an EKG machine heartbeat. The pink tile on the bathtub step and the countertop aren’t even the same shade of pink as the tub—and who told them that dark red and light blue would coordinate with pink? Yuck!

Clash of the Colors

Source: Road to Renovation

Whoever advised the previous homeowner on color choice must have been involved here too. Wine red tiles with sky blue appliances? Really? The blue color would have looked good on the walls and tile instead of the appliances, as it would brighten up the space—but as it is, the red tile job makes the bathroom dark, gaudy, and just plain tacky. The blue, as a result, became nothing more than an “ew, gross” factor.

The Yellow Brick Road


Source: The AV Club

Woah, slow down there, Wizard of Oz. Maybe you should lighten up on the yellow! This bathroom screams “gaudy” from the get-go with floor-to-ceiling tile and grout in solid, golden yellow with glaringly white fixtures and cabinets. Maybe this color and tile would have worked as just an accent—but right now, it looks like Dorothy’s pit stop on the way to the Emerald City!

Grandma’s China Plates

Source: Spin Cycle

Is this bathroom a little too busy or what? That peeling wallpaper has way too much going on and looks like the design on an old lady’s china tableware. Solid blue carpet throughout the bathroom seems a little too bold—but hey, at least they tried to coordinate the colors well. Though I don’t know if those green shutters on the upper window do such a great job. This bathroom would leave you exhausted after staring at the dizzying pattern for so long!

Change Your Mind?

Source: TeakDoor

“Make it blue! No, green! No, patterned!” What on earth is going on in this Thailand bathroom? Either the owner changed his mind too many times, or a designer had a serious problem making decisions. Three different tiles, three different designs, and three different colors. Not to mention the bright blue plumbing in the corner of the wall. Homeowners, use this as an example for future projects: Consistency is important!

Now that you’ve laughed and grimaced at the poor mistakes of other homeowners around the world, it’s time to look close to home and start remodeling your own bathroom before it turns into one of these tragedies. A.C.B. Services of Spring Branch, Texas is here to lend you a hand! As your local remodeling experts, A.C.B. Services can handle any home improvement project no matter how big or small! In fact, for a limited time, you can contact them now as a new customer for a major project (like a total bathroom remodel!) and you’ll receive 10% off the price! Contact A.C.B. Services today either by phone at (830) 730-4416 or through their online form today and get started on your remodeling project.

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