Five Unique Home Skylights

By Kimberly Martin on 13 June 2014

Skylights are one of the best ways to introduce sunlight into your home—they’re a beautiful architectural feature, come in a variety of styles, and the light they cast upon your interior is free and natural! It’s easy to consider installing one or two simple, square skylights in hopes of brightening up your home—but why not consider something more unique? All around the world people are designing some of the most unique skylights around, and we’ve collected a few of them here in hopes they inspire you to try something new!

The Kitchen Ceiling

Pic 1

Source: Flickr

This is a great feature for your entire kitchen ceiling or a portion of it, depending on the size and construction. Brighten up the interior of your kitchen significantly by creating a massive skylight “ceiling” rather than adding smaller, individual features. In this example, the glass is gridded for design and durability—one large sheet of glass might be less durable to the elements, and may seem too overwhelming for the space. By generating a pattern like this you reinforce the glass and really spice up a formerly plain ceiling!

Corner Spotlight

Pic 2

Source: Flickr

A skylight built into the corner of a home is a very creative design addition. It opens up a lot of opportunity for unique design depending on the construction of the home and your personal taste—the skylight can be rectangular like in this example, or it can be square, triangular, circular, or whatever you may consider! This skylight in particular not only shines light out into the room, but has an opening in the bottom to cast light down below. This is a great skylight to brighten up a darker part of a home, like along a staircase landing.

Octagonal Dome

Pic 3

Source: Flickr

With a peaked dome, this octagonal skylight is well-structured, sturdy, and bright. This adds a geometric, modern feature to a room in your home in addition to whatever light it introduces. As seen here, multiple octagonal domes can be structured and arranged along the ceiling of a large room to generate a unique character and natural light. Alternatively, a smaller room could benefit from a single, large octagonal dome at its center!

Circular Bathroom Spotlight

Pic 4

Source: Flickr

In this example, a large, circular skylight is paired with a similarly-shaped bathtub to create an interesting “heaven and earth” parallel for the space. Recessed so deeply into the ceiling, the skylight is also decorated with circular crown molding for a touch of character. Because bathrooms are often such dark spaces with either small windows or none at all, a similarly circular or oval skylight in your bathroom over your own tub would help cut down on the electricity used to keep it well-lit, and it makes your bathroom look beautiful!


Pic 5

Source: Flickr

The most unique of them all, this starburst design extends from a wall up onto the ceiling and makes the room pop. It’s massive in scale and very creative, opening up the room by making it appear larger and much brighter than usual. Beyond just being a unique conversation piece, such a large but well-constructed skylight would generate natural light in your home like never before. The design here has slats along the outside to prevent the sunlight from coming in too brightly, but if you want the full exposure and best experience, you could create a similar design without blocking the sunlight at all.

Now that you’ve seen some of the best skylights around, are you feeling inspired yet? We sure hope so! Skylights are a great option for the home and the more unique they are, the more you will enjoy their many benefits! There’s not much better than blending the natural outdoors with your home interior.

If you have an idea for skylight features in your own home but don’t know where to begin, American Integrity is here to help! Your roofing experts in Edmond, Oklahoma, American Integrity can install skylights for your home and would be more than happy to help you out! Contact them today at (405) 835-2462 or request information through their contact form. Estimates are free!

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