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5 Summer Home Improvement Projects

5 Summer Home Improvement Projects

By Kimberly Martin on 16 May 2014

Now that the chill of a long spring is finally wearing off and the rain showers are few and far between, homeowners have the chance to do some home improvement work in the warm sun. Many use this time to start a construction project like building a fire pit, constructing a pergola on the deck, or even installing large features like a pool. All of these are excellent choices, of course, and will give your home added beautiful qualities. However, it’s also useful to take advantage of the sunny weather and warm skies to do some “facelift” projects on your home as well—projects that won’t involve building anything new, but will clean up your home and protect it against the rest of the year’s weather and other difficulties. While there’s a long list of projects you can tackle, we’ve listed five quick ones here to get you started.

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Hiring a Qualified, Legitimate Contractor


Hiring a Qualified, Legitimate Contractor

By Kimberly Martin on 2 May 2014

Atlanta — Entrusting a stranger to work on your home in any way is typically a scary process. What if they don’t do the job correctly and leave you with poor workmanship or in an even worse predicament than before they arrived? Scary stories from the news about contractors that took money and ran only add to the fear. Many people don’t like the idea of entrusting their projects to someone unknown, so they tend to either attempt the project on their own, call up a friend who’s handy with a hammer, or simply put the problem off until it gets worse. However, it isn’t as difficult as it seems to hire a contractor who is qualified and trustworthy to handle the job—you just have to use proper, discerning measures, and we have listed a few of the most important steps to make your job a little easier.

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Snehta Inc. to Sponsor the 2014 Remodeling Leadership Conference


Snehta Inc. to Sponsor the 2014 Remodeling Leadership Conference

By Kelly Masters on 28 April 2014

Atlanta, GA – Sales and marketing software provider Snehta Inc. has announced their sponsorship for the 2014 Remodeling Leadership Conference in Alexandria, VA. The three-day event will take place May 7-9 at The Westin Alexandria. Each year, the Remodeling Leadership Conference draws in hundreds of top remodelers nationwide by providing innovative educational seminars and prestigious awards programs.

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7 Reasons Why Every Company Needs a Website


1. Don’t Let Your Competition Take Your Place! Most companies today use internet to search for suppliers. In case you don’t own a web presentation, but your competition does, your competitor gains a competitive advantage and is likely to take over your business. Therefore, you should not wait any longer. You should become the one, whose internet presentation reaches new customers.

2. Customers will find you on the internet. Majority of customers use internet to look for services and products. Internet serves as a tool for finding proper seller, who meets all buyer’s expectations – whether it’s price, quality or other criteria. Thus the buyer saves time and travel expenses, which he/she would otherwise spend using an ordinary way of obtaining information through company visits, viewing and comparing products / services. Quality internet presentation saves customers’ time and makes their searching and shopping experience more enjoyable. 

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New Home Sales Bounce Back to 2008 Levels


New single-family home sales climbed 2.1 percent in May, returning to a 476,000-unit annual sales rate not reached since July 2008. The May rate is 29 percent higher than May 2012. Home prices and unsold inventories also increased in May, and although the figures remain below pre-recession levels, the housing market appears to be on a path toward sustained growth.

Sales of new homes increased to a five-year high in May, improving 2.1 percent over April and 29 percent year-over-year.

The growth brought the annual sales rate to 476,000 units, the highest level since July 2008. Most economists consider a 700,000-unit annual rate indicative of a healthy market.

The unsold home inventory rose to 161,000 units in May, the highest level since August 2011 and a 2.5 percent increase from April. At May’s sales pace, it would take 4.1 months to clear the houses on the market, up from 4.0 months in April. A supply of six months is normally considered as a healthy balance between supply and demand.

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