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Aah! Ugliest Bathrooms

By Kimberly Martin on 10 June 2014

“My bathroom is just so tacky,” you say as you grimace at the old fashioned wallpaper and dated fixtures. “This is so embarrassing,” another mutters as they examine the antiquated vinyl flooring. As ugly as you may think your bathroom is, there are many more around the world still more horrifying than your own. Take heart in this knowledge—you can easily improve your bathroom with a quick remodel, but some of these other bathrooms will require a lot more work before they lose their “blinding eyesore” status! Take a look at these nightmares below.

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Lead Safety Awareness in Your Home

By Kimberly Martin on 30 May 2014.

Over many years, lead—a naturally-occurring metal found in the Earth—has been used as an ingredient for dozens of household items and products. Common materials like gasoline, paint, pipe soldering, drinking water pipes, vinyl, brass, shingles, and more have all used lead as an ingredient in the past. Because lead is such a durable, useful metal, its widespread use in these items doesn’t come as a surprise. The downfall is lead’s toxicity to human health. That’s why today we’re informing you on the risks of lead in older homes and what you can do to combat it if you think your home is at risk.

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Hiring a Qualified, Legitimate Contractor


Hiring a Qualified, Legitimate Contractor

By Kimberly Martin on 2 May 2014

Atlanta — Entrusting a stranger to work on your home in any way is typically a scary process. What if they don’t do the job correctly and leave you with poor workmanship or in an even worse predicament than before they arrived? Scary stories from the news about contractors that took money and ran only add to the fear. Many people don’t like the idea of entrusting their projects to someone unknown, so they tend to either attempt the project on their own, call up a friend who’s handy with a hammer, or simply put the problem off until it gets worse. However, it isn’t as difficult as it seems to hire a contractor who is qualified and trustworthy to handle the job—you just have to use proper, discerning measures, and we have listed a few of the most important steps to make your job a little easier.

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Termite Inspections: What Are They Looking For?

By Kimberly Martin on 18 April 2014

Atlanta — Termites are sneaky, silent invaders that often settle down in your yard and home so quietly that you won’t notice their presence until it’s too late. These insect hoards feed on parts of dead plants and trees, and it just so happens that the wood in your home qualifies as the major foundation of their diet. As a result many places in and around your home are at risk: your home’s foundation, firewood piles, furniture, and more. To determine whether or not these silent attackers are present in your home, calling up a termite inspector is the only option. Termite inspectors come to your home with two questions in mind:

  1. Does the home already have a termite infestation?
  2. Are there conditions present that could potentially invite termites to live there?

But how do inspectors answer these questions? When they begin their inspection, these experts have a checklist of problems to check for and tests they can perform to evaluate the possible infestation in your home. We’re here to take some of the mystery out of the process by explaining a few of these steps to you.

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How to Clean the Worst Carpet Stains – Yourself


How to Clean the Worst Carpet Stains

Stains can ruin your carpet unless you know how to clean them effectively. Here are some of the most difficult stains and tips for removing some of the most common, and toughest, carpet stains.

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