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Better Your Backsplash

By Melody Boggs on 10 June 2014

Atlanta — Backsplashes are a fun and simple way to get started on remodeling the look of your kitchen. They come in a variety of styles, colors, and materials to the point where your only limitation is your own imagination. If you need assistance with developing a design, there are many professional kitchen remodelers available in your area that can assist you. In the meantime, gather some inspiration by checking out these unique, creative, and downright strange backsplash designs. (It should be noted that these are real designs in real homes that people live in everyday.)

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The Easy Organized Kitchen

The Organized Kitchen!

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The Easy Organized Kitchen

By Kimberly Martin on 21 February 2014

Atlanta — Though it’s still chilly outside, Spring Cleaning season will be upon us soon enough. It’s time to start collecting cleaning supplies and planning your best “tidying up” strategies, which can be difficult without a little inspiration here and there. One of the messiest, most cluttered areas in a home (besides your teenager’s nightmarish bedroom) is perhaps the most important: the kitchen. With dozens of pots, pans, spices, condiments, food, and more, your kitchen might be bursting at the seams. Those cabinets can only withstand a few more attempts to shove a pot between two large pans before they finally give way and explode. While we can’t be there to help you clean out your kitchen and reorganize, we can help! Snehta has gathered together a few crafty, do-it-yourself projects to better organize your kitchen with many items you already have at home or can buy for almost nothing.

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