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5 Summer Home Improvement Projects

5 Summer Home Improvement Projects

By Kimberly Martin on 16 May 2014

Now that the chill of a long spring is finally wearing off and the rain showers are few and far between, homeowners have the chance to do some home improvement work in the warm sun. Many use this time to start a construction project like building a fire pit, constructing a pergola on the deck, or even installing large features like a pool. All of these are excellent choices, of course, and will give your home added beautiful qualities. However, it’s also useful to take advantage of the sunny weather and warm skies to do some “facelift” projects on your home as well—projects that won’t involve building anything new, but will clean up your home and protect it against the rest of the year’s weather and other difficulties. While there’s a long list of projects you can tackle, we’ve listed five quick ones here to get you started.

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Hiring a Qualified, Legitimate Contractor


Hiring a Qualified, Legitimate Contractor

By Kimberly Martin on 2 May 2014

Atlanta — Entrusting a stranger to work on your home in any way is typically a scary process. What if they don’t do the job correctly and leave you with poor workmanship or in an even worse predicament than before they arrived? Scary stories from the news about contractors that took money and ran only add to the fear. Many people don’t like the idea of entrusting their projects to someone unknown, so they tend to either attempt the project on their own, call up a friend who’s handy with a hammer, or simply put the problem off until it gets worse. However, it isn’t as difficult as it seems to hire a contractor who is qualified and trustworthy to handle the job—you just have to use proper, discerning measures, and we have listed a few of the most important steps to make your job a little easier.

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Termite Inspections: What Are They Looking For?

By Kimberly Martin on 18 April 2014

Atlanta — Termites are sneaky, silent invaders that often settle down in your yard and home so quietly that you won’t notice their presence until it’s too late. These insect hoards feed on parts of dead plants and trees, and it just so happens that the wood in your home qualifies as the major foundation of their diet. As a result many places in and around your home are at risk: your home’s foundation, firewood piles, furniture, and more. To determine whether or not these silent attackers are present in your home, calling up a termite inspector is the only option. Termite inspectors come to your home with two questions in mind:

  1. Does the home already have a termite infestation?
  2. Are there conditions present that could potentially invite termites to live there?

But how do inspectors answer these questions? When they begin their inspection, these experts have a checklist of problems to check for and tests they can perform to evaluate the possible infestation in your home. We’re here to take some of the mystery out of the process by explaining a few of these steps to you.

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9 Tips to Service Your Lawn Mower

via TodaysHomeowner

via TodaysHomeowner

By Melody Boggs on 11 April 2014

Atlanta–Warmer weather brings with it a myriad of happy things—family picnics, sundresses, a new sports season, beach trips—but it also means homeowners must perform constant yard maintenance. Grass grows slowly at the beginning of spring as it awakens from its dormant winter state, but you’ll be surprised how quickly grass can make your yard appear unruly. What’s more, grass growth speeds up the closer to summer we get, and you’ll need to be prepared. Speaking of which, when was the last time you performed any maintenance on your lawn mower? This expensive tool is crucial to controlling grass growth. Any mower problem you have can set you back days on your lawn maintenance routine and can also cost you some steep prices to repair or replace it. Look to our new list of maintenance tips to help you avoid these potential problems in the future. Read the rest of this entry »

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Get Your Home Ready for Spring

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Jennifer Sheffield

Get Your Home Ready for Spring

By Melody Boggs on 14 March 2014

Atlanta–This winter especially, it seems like the cold weather will not easily loosen its grip on us. But warmer weather is coming, if this week was any indication. No doubt your home–particularly those in the unprepared South–took some heavy hits with the amount of snowfall and ice it was forced to endure. We’ve compiled a brief spring maintenance checklist here to help you get started in the coming weeks. Read the rest of this entry »

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