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Window Cleaning Made Easy

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By Melody Boggs on 22 May 2014

Atlanta–Though often neglected, window cleaning can instantly restore your home to looking newer and more radiant. Ideally, homeowners should clean the inside and outside of their windows twice a year, but some people can get away with only doing so once a year. Moreover, every person has their own cleaning method to which they prescribe, but only certain solutions provide the most long-lasting results. Here, we’ll walk you through some tips to get your windows—even multi-pane ones—sparkling clean.

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Celebrate National Water Safety Month—At Home and In Public


By Melody Boggs on 9 May 2014

Atlanta–May is recognized as National Water Safety Month and is the perfect time to teach yourself and your family how to stay safe around water during these warmer seasons. Whether you have a pool at home or plan on visiting the beach, these tips are universally beneficial for everyone to learn, particularly for parents or upcoming parents of small children. We’ve gathered a few ways to prepare for you and your little ones’ exposure to water below, but be sure to also visit the American Red Cross or the official website for National Water Safety Month to learn how you can get further educated and involved.

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